Intuitive platform for lesson creation, delivery and recording to support 1-1, flipped, blended and traditional curriculum

The CaptiSphere allows you to annotate, create, captivate and share! You can easily create your lesson plan with incorporate, crop, and annotate videos. When you want to add images, you can search and add images directly from Google ImageTM search or upload an image from your PC or Google DriveTM .

Teachers can not only create, record and share their custom lessons, but also they can interactively send their quizzes to students’ devices, ensuring their direct participation in the classroom session and giving you more time to interact with your students!

Add & Edit Videos

Get creative with your lesson plans! Incorporate, crop, and annotate videos from sites such as YouTube or Vimeo®.

Upload Images

Search and add images directly from Google ImageTM search or upload an image from your PC or Google DriveTM .

Create Quizzes

Surprise your students with a fun pop quiz with our quiz-creator feature!

Quick Docs

Create Google DocsTM documents in your lesson that will automatically upload to Google DriveTM with a single click of a button.

Add Site Links

Sometimes a slide just doesn’t do any justice. Add site links in your lesson plan and explore topics through the web!