AVer ClassSend Software

ClassSend the tablet/Chrome app allows teachers to engage students in a truly interactive, one-to-one learning environment.

Teachers can instantly push snapshots of live visualizer or TabCam images to all connected student devices, letting students add their own notes to images and send them right back to the teacher to share with the whole class.

Additionally, it allows teachers to improve classroom management and make learning more fun in the classroom through in-class interactive quizzes.

Software is included with all the Aver Visualizers.

Involve the whole class

Allow for up to 30 students to join each session from their devices and participate in classroom activities simultaneously. Students can log on to the virtual classroom either by signing in with the student’s ID number or by manually entering the IP address provided by the teachers.

Real-time live images sharing

Enable teachers to instantaneously push snapshots of live visualizer/TabCam images or digital whiteboard content to all connected student devices running
ClassSend engagement app.

Let your imagination run wild

Provide an intuitive interface similar to a wireless slate or digital whiteboard that’s as simple as scratching over a paper with a pen and pencil. Students can annotate over a saved image, solve math problems or highlight a paragraph’s main idea.

Send notes in a flash

Students can add their notes to images received and send them right back to the teacher to share with the whole class.

Show them you ‘like’ it

Teachers can provide students with instant feedbacks via the “evaluate” functions. For example, teachers can encourage students to keep up the good work by giving them a thumbs-up for each correct or noteworthy response.