Aver F70W – Wireless

Combining flexibility and mobility, the F70W supports both wired and wireless transmission, offering you a range of options to stream live images.

With F70W’s wireless capability, you are able to present live images/videos of anything from anywhere in the classroom, allowing teachers and students to interact at levels never experienced before.

What’s more, AVer’s innovative learning software complements the F70W and gives you an array of unique teaching tools to maximize the effectiveness of any lesson.

Imagine the Possibilities

Spark active minds with the most advanced wireless document camera regardless of your teaching style or classroom
environment. The F70W document camera not only supports diverse connection methods,
but also provides a wireless alternative allowing you to freely engage with students.

Be mobile in the classroom

Present live video of anything, from anywhere in your classroom, while annotating, highlighting and manipulating the content from your tablet or laptop without being tethered to the camera. Present student or group work from one end of the room with the camera while using the tablet app to interact with the content and another group elsewhere.

Wireless camera, wireless controls

The inventive design of the WirelessCam app allows you to quickly focus on a particular region of the screen, zoom in and zoom out using nothing but a few taps and swipes of your finger. Open the camera control menu to access all the camera settings and functions, including freeze, rotate, brightness, contrast and color.

Annotate, highlight and more

Make notes, add drawings, highlight or insert shapes and text directly over live streaming video. Label the parts of a butterfly or highlight examples from student work without having to stop, capture an image and move it into an editing app, or use the WirelessCam app whiteboard mode to work with saved images or on a blank digital canvas.

Code Description
Aver_F70W Aver F70W Visualizer
Aver_MA* Microscope Adapter
Aver_USB* Replacement USB Cable
Aver_PSU* Replacement Power Supply

* Optional Extra’s or Replacement Parts

Package Includes

F70W Unit

USB Cable

Remote Control

Power Supply Unit

Software CD

Quick Guide