AVer Sphere 2 Software

AVer Sphere 2 Software

This software package will bring out the life in your classroom.

It is guaranteed to keep your students intrigued and let them experience something they have never experienced before.

Software is included with all the Aver Visualizers.

Easy-to-Use Visualizer Controls

Access all of the visualizer’s main functions – zoom, focus, freeze and rotate – and have control over image adjustment settings – brightness, contrast,
color, white balance and mode selection – to make operating your AVerVision visualizer via a computer easier than ever.
Press the auto adjust button to instantly correct white balance, contrast, exposure and even realign the image to a perfect 90° if it is less than 15° askew.


Stream live video from a second visualizer, an AVer TabCam or a webcam over the video from your visualizer, perfect for lectures conducted through e-learning platforms or for creating step-by-step instructional videos.

Media Library & Side-by-Side Image Comparison

Create your own media library full of recorded videos and captured images to conduct side-by-side comparisons between the live images streaming from up to 3 visualizers, TabCams and/or webcams and still images – up to 6 separate image windows – while maintaining easy access to visualizer controls and annotation tools.

One-Click Media Upload

Make the excitement of class accessible from home by quickly uploading captured images and video recordings to social media sites – YouTube, Facebook and Twitter – and file sharing sites – Dropbox, Picasa and FTPs.

Handy Annotation Tool

Enrich your presentations by making clear, informative annotations over live visualizer images. Take down notes, highlight text, draw lines even add shapes to transform any live visualizer image into the perfect diagram.

Live Video & Audio Recording

Turn live lessons, visits from guest lecturers or exemplary student performances into reference materials you can use again and again or use the video and audio recording function to prepare invigorating material before class starts.

Text-to-Speech (TTS)*

Bring text to life with Sphere2’s built-in text-to-speech (TTS) feature. Key points from textbooks, documents, written notes and the like are quickly
transformed into clear, natural-sounding audio that leaps off the page resulting in superior presentations. (Windows ® only)

Presentation Tools

Cover select portions of the screen with a semi-transparent or opaque shield using the Spotlight and Visor features, great for both testing and test review scenarios.

Single & Continuous Image Capturing

Take a single high resolution snapshot of all or part of the live image or use continuous capture for time lapse photography, capturing an image every 5 seconds to 6 hours for up to 72 hours to observe changes over time or to create great step-by-step visuals.