Brains and Brawn: 

Chrome40C is AVer’s most intelligent and efficient charge cart solution, combining rugged design with an ingenious charging system!

Load, charge, transport

Holds up to 40 Chromebooks, iPads, Android, Windows tablets, laptops or Netbooks (up to 14” screens) in two easy-access sliding shelves.

AVer’s Intelligent Charging System

Chrome40C monitors all 40 devices in groups of 10 and determines the best charging sequence: all device groups at once, or each group individually. No programming required – Automatic, safe and efficient!

It’s wise to organize

Interior device slots are designed to fit most mobile devices, allowing for easy routing of cables and convenient placement of AC adapters into individual compartments.

Mobility made easy

Chrome40C’s large capacity, steel construction, power outlets and smooth-rolling, locking swivel casters provide a rugged, yet easily maneuverable storage cart that can double as a teaching platform!

Safe, secure, durable

With three-point steel locking mechanisms built into its cabinet doors, Chrome40C provides a safe haven for your devices when they are being charged or stored.

Chrome40C is AVer’s latest advancement in charging cart technology, combining stylish design with sturdy construction and an innovative and efficient intelligent charging system.

The Brains

Intelligent, Self-monitoring, Automatic. Chrome40C continuously monitors the power requirements for up to 40 devices and automatically determines the most efficient charging sequence. How does it work?


    • Chrome40C organizes and monitors devices into groups of 10. Its Intelligent Charging System determines the power requirements of each device within the group, ensuring that the total amount of power drawn by Chrome40C will not trip its internal fail-safe circuits. These safety features also prevent accidental overloading of your facility’s circuits breakers.




    • Based on this information, Chrome40C can decide whether all device groups can be charged simultaneously, or whether specific groups should be charged – and in which order. Chrome40C initiates the charging sequence, cycling through each group while continuing to monitor their progress. The system then automatically determines which groups have been fully-charged, and redirects power to those which still need it.


    • Because Chrome40C continuously monitors each device’s power status and does not rely upon fixed length charging cycles, you never have to worry about your devices’ power being drained while being stored in the charge cart.


    • Unlike other charging carts, Chrome40C’s four additional auxiliary power ports allow you to plug-in your laptop, TabCam, document camera or other products while the cart is executing its charging sequence.


The Brawn

Rugged, Strong, Secure. Chrome40C continues AVer’s dedication to providing industry-leading rugged, durable, versatile and easy-to-use charge cart solutions that hold several devices, yet are compact and maneuverable:

    • Sturdy, steel construction provides the durability to withstand the rigors of virtually any school environment.
    • 1.1 inch wide, individually numbered device slots hold up to 40 Chromebooks, iPads, Android, Windows tablets, laptops or Netbooks (up to 14” screens).
    • Three-point steel locking mechanisms on front and back doors provide security and convenient access to devices, AC adapters and power strips.
    • Two sliding shelves allow your devices to be top-loaded for convenient cable/cord routing.
    • Individual AC adapter compartments and cable clips allow for easy and organized device configuration.
    • Ventilation slots provide ample airflow for keep devices cool.
    • Large 5 inch smooth-rolling locking swivel caster wheels and push handles provide great maneuverability.


    • Four switched auxiliary power outlets and large top surface area provides an additional work area or teaching platform.


Model Name Chrome40C
Device Capacity 40 (20 devices * 2 sliding shelves)
Slot Size (W x D x H) W = 2.8cm (1.1”)
D = 36.4cm (14.33”)
H = 25.0cm (9.84”)
Support Device Chromebooks, iPads, Android, Windows Tablets, Netbooks (up to 14” screen, supports most tablet covers with total width up to 1.1″)
Charging Type Intelligent, self-monitoring, zone-based charging system; no programming required
External Power Outlets 4 with power switch and LED
LED Indicator Power LED: Green
Status LED (x4):
Solid Blue: Regular Charging,
Flashing Blue: Quick Charge
Cart Dimension (W x D x H) W = 97cm (38.19”)
D = 62cm (24.41”)
H = 100cm (39.37”)
Package Dimension (W x D x H) W = 103cm (40.55”)
D = 74cm (29.13”)
H = 121cm (47.64”)
Net weight 90kg (198.5lbs)
Gross weight 120kg (264lbs)
Power Specification AC IN:
100-120V ~ 50/60Hz, 12A

PWR Strip 40-Port Total
100-120V ~ 50/60Hz, 8A

Outlet 4-Port Total
100-120V ~ 50/60Hz, 4A
Cable Management Numbered device slots with cable clips; individual AC adapter compartments
Security Front and rear doors: 3 point mechanism with lock hole
Cooling/Ventilation Ventilation slots along front/back panels
Push cart handles Two: integrated, top/side mount
Casters 5″ medical-grade casters (x4)
2 among are lockable
Color Exterior: Black doors, side panels
White trim, auxiliary power panel
Silver: locks, push handles
Interior: Black doors, side panels
White: device slot dividers
AC adapter slots
Certification UL certified
Warranty 10 years cart and tray
5 years electrical components
Accessories with shipment User Manual
Warranty Card
Power Cord
Cable Clips

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