EVC 130



The EVC130 1080p Video Conferencing End Point brings HD video and enterprise-quality audio to fit your various communication needs. Are your secondary conference rooms relegated to just audio? With 1080p video and enterprise-quality audio, the EVC130 is the perfect Video Conferencing Endpoint that allows you to easily extend video to all of your meeting rooms.

  • Perfect for small to medium conference rooms – up to 20ft x 20ft
  • All Inclusive hardware: Camera, Microphone, Codec and Remote
  • Extreme wide angle 1080p HD camera, 88° Field-of-view Microphone array with echo and  noise cancellation
  • Record meetings or lessons
  • Real-time Screen Sharing + Dual Monitor
  • Compatible with room automation systems (via API)


Who can you call?

  • Any room-based (H.323) video conferencing systems (i.e Polycom, Lifesize etc.)
  • Anyone with compatible SIP systems. Have your tech guru call ours to check compatibility.
  • Mobile and desktops with a cloud video service subscription from any of our cloud partners Zoom, BlueJeans Networks, Chorus Call

Need more than a two-way call?

Couple EVC systems with:

  • AVer’s HVC310 MCU. The most affordable way to conference with up to 4 locations at once.
  • A cloud video service. Conference with up to 25 locations with a Zoom, BlueJeans or Chorus Call subscription.

Making the call

  • Built-in phonebook
    Just like phone numbers, add IP addresses to your contact list and call Jason instead of (so much easier).
  • Camera presets
    Pre-define and save camera angles (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) to easily switch views for a two, ten or even fifty person meeting.
  • Smartphone remote control
    Wirelessly control your EVC system from an iPhone or Android smartphone with the AVer VCLink app. Make calls, scroll through contacts, trigger recordings and even take snapshots to share.
  • UI + remote
    Easily dial, mute and present with the EVC onscreen guide and included remote

In Call Features

  • One-touch mute
    Cough attack? The EVC microphones have a built-in mute button.
  • Screen Sharing
    Share what’s on your computer with everyone who’s on the video call in real-time. No slideshow animation lags here.
  • Dual Monitor
    Video on one, second quarter’s growth chart on the other
  • Recording
    Record your meetings and playback from any AVer system or PC.
  • Far/near camera control
    Wait, I can control their camera? Yes you can.
  • No PC required (unless you are sharing your favorite slideshow)
  • The ONLY full HD embedded 10-way MCU on the market (EVC900 only)
  • Real-time content sharing, dual monitor support & more without added fees
  • Best warranty in the industry (3 year + first year Advanced Replacement)
  • Unsurpassed and free support
  • NO ongoing fees (ever)

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