AVerVision F50HD

Effortlessly accomplish numerous tasks with the innovative AVerVision F50 flexible arm visualizer. The onboard annotation feature – an industry-first for portable visualizers – lets you swiftly and simply annotate over captured images without a PC. The F50’s incredible image quality, impressive zooming capabilities and flexible arm ensure you’ll capture an outstanding image every time. The one-touch recording function allows you to record high-quality video directly to a USB flash drive or SDHC card. Tack on a redesigned on-screen display (OSD) and the all-new A+ Suite visualizer software, and the possibilities for this versatile presentation solution are practically endless.

Key Features

  • Built-in memory, SDHC card slot and USB OTG port for extensive storage
  • Presentation tools (spotlight & visor features), picture-in-picture and split screen ideal for step-by-step presentations and making comparisons
  • Stylish and ergonomic redesigned control panel, patented shuttle wheel and remote control for easy one-handed operation
  • A user-friendly OSD (on-screen display) that puts every feature just a few clicks away
  • Embedded LED lamp with approximately 20,000 hours of life
  • A+ Suite software collection featuring A+ Plug-in for PowerPoint, Word and Excel, and our standalone visualizer software Sphere2


AVerVision F50 Technical Specifications

  • Onboard annotation capability
  • Recording rate: 30 frames per second
  • 5M pixel CMOS sensor
  • Zoom: 80X total zoom (8X optical zoom + 1.25X AVerZoom™ + 8X digital zoom)
  • Supports full HD1080p (1920 x 1080) output resolution
  • 700 TV line resolution
  • Display modes: sharp / graphic / motion / microscope / macro / infinity
  • Focus: auto / manual
  • Image effects: color / b&w / negative / mirror / freeze
  • Image rotation: electronic rotation 0° / 90° / 180° / 270°
  • Capture mode: single / continuous
  • Shooting area: 400 x 300 mm (A4 portrait) max.
  • USB 2.0 and mini USB 2.0 ports
  • Built-in memory: 80 images (5M) ; 240 images (XGA)
  • Memory card slot: supports SDHC card (32GB max.)
  • Add-on features: presentation tools (spotlight & visor features), PIP, split screen
  • Light source: embedded LED lamp
  • Built-in MIC
  • Audio I/O: MIC in; audio out
  • Connectivity: DVI-I output, 1 VGA input and 1 VGA output, composite video output, RS-232
  • Operating dimensions (W x H x D): 200 x 540 x 380 mm
  • Folded dimensions (W x H x D): 245 x 77 x 305 mm
  • Weight: 2.5kg +/- 100g
  • Software version: A+ Suite (supports Windows® and Mac)
  • Patent no.: Taiwan 1276904, Japan 3122844, Taiwan I345414
  • Compliance: FCC, CE, RoHS
  • Specifications may vary depending on countries and are subject to change without notice

Sphere2 Lesson Presentation Software.


With Sphere2 it’s all about the split screen- and share-ability. Feel free to split…the screen that is. Project a live U15 image, a live web cam image, and saved images /videos side by side. Why? Show exam questions next to sample answers. How to videos next to end results. The difference between an iceberg and a glacier is simple when seen. All the while, annotate, highlight and record the presentation and when finished, Sphere2 will upload to many social media sites – YouTube, Dropbox – to share with colleagues, students and more.

Interactive White Board or Tablet Plug-in.f50-doc-cam-ppt

With the plug-in, AVer’s U15 directly integrates into any IWB software to easily add pictures and live video. You can even use the IWB or
tabletsoftware to control the U15. That’s the power of AVer integration.

Microsoft application plug-in.f50-doc-cam-flash-plug-in

Place an AVer doc cam live image directly onto PowerPoint slides. You can even annotate over the entire slide (including the live doc cam image) as well as record the entire presentation.

AVerVision F50HD Broshure

TabCam App

Downloads for Windows
A+ Suite v2.3.2035.36 – Windows
A+ Suite v2.3.2035.36 – Windows Server Deployment (MSI)
Sphere2 Only MSI – Windows Server Deployment (MSI)
ClassSend for Students – Windows (requires Chrome browser for operation)
Release Note
What’s New

Flash Plug-in Quickstart Guide – Windows:
The quickstart guide will walk you through the process of using the AVerVision
Flash Plug-in with your preferred software.
SMART Notebook 
eBeam Scrapbook
Promethean ActivInspire
Hitachi StarBoard

Downloads for Mac
A+ Suite v2.3.2035.36 – Mac
MAC Office Add-ins Uninstaller – Mac
ClassSend for Students 
Release Note 
What’s New

Flash Plug-in Quickstart Guide – Mac:
The quickstart guide will walk you through the process of using the AVerVision
SMART Notebook 
eBeam Scrapbook
Promethean ActivInspire
Hitachi StarBoard

Downloads for iPad

ClassSend for Students – iPad Student Engagement client-app
What’s New

Downloads for Chromebook

ClassSend for Students – Chromebook Student Engagement client-app (requires Chrome browser for operation)
What’s New

Sphere Software (Old version)

Sphere Software for Windows

Sphere Software (v.1.1.1035.41) – Windows
Sphere for Windows Server Deployment (MSI) (v.1.1.1035.41) 
Sphere Release Notes (v.1.1.1035.41) (Windows, PDF)
Users’s Manual (PDF) 

Sphere Software for Mac

Sphere Software (v.1.1.1035.41) – Mac
Sphere Release Notes (v.1.1.1035.41) (Mac, PDF)
Users’s Manual (PDF)

Yes! Through the free AVer software, you can present, annotate, record, and stream lesson plans through sites such as YouTube™, Dropbox™, etc.
Yes, the F50 can connect to both PC and Mac with a USB Cable.
Yes, the F50 can connect to a projector or LCD screen using the video outputs.
Yes, the F50 has a built-in mic that makes it ideal for recording lesson plans and presentations.
The F50 has a gooseneck that allows you to lean, bend, and flex the camera in any direction.
Yes, the F50 has an adjustable output of 30fps at 1080p.
Yes, the F50 has a DVI-I output (dual link) that supports a DVI-D (single link or dual link) to HDMI cable. (Please note our DVI output may not be compatible with all HDMI displays using a DVI-HDMI cable due to different signaling intakes)
The F50 does not come with mounting holes on the bottom of the unit. However it has a Kensington slot on the side of the base for you to secure it to a cart or table with a Kensington lock (purchased separately).
The F50 has a built in LED light attached to the camera head that provides light to your presentation when needed.
The F50 has a maximum shooting area of 15.75” x 11.8” (400mm x 300mm)
Yes, you can record video with audio using the on-board recording or through the software provided.
Yes, with the AVerVision Flash Plug-in downloadable from AVer’s website.
The highest resolution the F50 can output is 1920 x 1080 at 30fps.
This port splits to two connections using the RS232/CVBS splitter cable that comes within your package content. It converts the port into a RS-232 connection and also a composite video connection.
You can connect 2GB ~ 64GB USB Flash drives that are formatted to Fat 32. External hard drives are not supported (portable or SATA/IDE).


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