Inspire and engage your digital natives

Your students are enveloped with tablets, cell phones and laptops in their everyday lives, innately comfortable with digital communication and mobile anytime, anywhere information access.
Integrating these devices into their curriculum enhances their ability to relate, respond and engage with classroom material and lesson content. Adding real-life, real-time content to these devices further enhance lesson concepts by relating content to actual curriculum.

TabCam enhances mobile, digital curriculum

As a wireless streaming camera, TabCam captures and broadcasts live, physical classroom content to your iPad, Android Tablet or PC/MAC Laptop in real-time. It also keeps your mobile device mobile, able to move anywhere in the room without having to be near it. The tablet app and software package then takes that real content and enables students to fully interact and engage with the content in a way that is both familiar and captivating to them.

Present and create rich, full lessons

Present live video of anything, from anywhere in your room, while annotating, highlighting and manipulating the content from your tablet or laptop without being tethered to the camera. Present student or group work from one end of the room while interacting with the content for another group elsewhere. Add supporting content such as images or video from other sources to strengthen the lesson, include alternative solutions, and more.

Don’t forget it, record it!

The rich lessons you create with TabCam do not have to be forgotten. TabCam will record your entire lesson to be available for review, absent students, substitute teachers and more. All of your live video, audio, annotation, highlights, and supporting content are captured and saved even as you move from element to element.

Blended, Flipped and Common Core

TabCam not only digitizes content for Blended learning, but can instantly share recorded lessons to DropBox, YouTube, Facebook, even your classroom management site to support Flipped concepts. Furthermore, interdisciplinary curriculum can be created, recorded and shared between subjects to support Common Core initiatives.

TabCam – Brings it All Together

TabCam combines the best in live video mobility with a simple, yet intuitive app for tablets and software for PC/MAC to create rich, meaningful and engaging curriculum for your iPad and Android Tablets, or laptop.

Live Video Stream

The wireless TabCam can be set virtually anywhere in the classroom since it communicates with your device over your school’s wireless network. Set the camera over a science experiment, or on a student’s desk to present the live content while facilitating the curriculum from anywhere else in the room over your device.

Present and annotate over live video

As TabCam streams video to your device, you can add notes, digital ink, highlights and objects directly over the live content. Point out the organs of a dissected frog, highlight grammatical examples from student work, call out artistic designs….all without having to stop, capture an image and move it into an editing app. Easily move from each lesson element while annotating and manipulating at the same time.

The Digital Whiteboard is your Canvas

The Digital Whiteboard is your canvas to pull all the pieces of your lesson into one area. Add an instructional video, include captured images or saved diagrams, even images captured from your TabCam all to your whiteboard canvas. Then, add your notes, highlights and objects to enrich the entire lesson.

Record and instantly share

With TabCam, you can record anything and everything you create and present during your lesson, then instantly upload it to DropBox, YouTube, Facebook and more! You can even record lessons and upload them to your classroom management site! TabCam records everything, from the live video, to all of your annotation, supporting content and even your voice so rich, full lessons can be saved and shared to anyone, any time. Post lessons for student review, absent students, substitute teachers, or foster blended and flipped curriculum. Share with peers to expand professional development, facilitate collaborative projects with other schools, or simply keep an archive of all your lessons. TabCam takes your curriculum far beyond the walls of your classroom.



Image Sensor HD 1/2” CMOS
Frame Rate 30 fps (max.) @ XGA
White Balance Auto / Manual (App/Software controlled)
Exposure Auto / Manual (App/Software controlled)
Image Mode Sharp
Effect Color / B/W / Negative / Rotate / Freeze (Software controlled)


Focus Auto / Manual
Shooting Area Max. 13” x 9.76” (330mm x 248mm)
Zoom 16X Digital Zoom


Image Effect Color / B&W / Negative / Freeze (App/Software controlled)
White balance / exposure Auto / Manual (App/Software controlled)
Direct AV Recording Through App/Software
Capture Mode Single (App/Software controlled)
Wireless Streaming
To the Apple iPad2 / iPad Mini / New iPad via Standard WIFI Access Point
To Android Tablets via Standard WIFI Access Point (click here for list of supported Android devices)
To computer (PC or MAC) via WIFI Access Point
Image Storage Through computer or tablet

WiFi Streaming

Wireless Network 802.11n (2.4GHz)

TabCam App / Software

Operating Systems iOS 6.0.1+ or above
Android 4.1 (Jellybean) or above
Windows XP SP3, Windows 7/8
Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
App/ Software AVer TabCam App for iPad, TabCam App for Android, AVer Academy Suite for MAC/PC


Battery Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Power Source DC 12V, 3A, 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Consumption Camera: typ. 5W max. 7W (w/o charging)

Input/Output Connections

DC 12V Input Power Jack


Camera Operating 20.47” x 4.49” x 13.23”
520mm x 114mm x 336mm (+/-2mm include rubber foot)
Camera Folded 10.83” x 4.49” x 2.79”
275mm x 114mm x 71mm (+/-2mm include rubber foot)
Camera Weight 3.53 lbs (1.6kg)

Package Content

TabCam Device 1 unit
Power Adapter 1 unit
Quick Guide 1 unit

Optional Accessories

Microscope Adapter Part number: VISIFSEMA
Anti-Glare sheet Part number: PANTIGLA1 (A5 size 8.26” x 5.84”)
Carrying Bag Part number: VISIONCPCC


Warranty 3 years (Battery warranty = 1 year)
Advanced Replacement During warranty period
Free 2-way RMA Shipping Yes, during warranty period within Continental USA (including HI & AK)

AVer TabCam User Manual
AVer TabCam Quick Reference Guide
AVer TabCam Datasheet

TabCam App

Downloads for Windows
A+ Suite v2.3.2035.36 – Windows
A+ Suite v2.3.2035.36 – Windows Server Deployment (MSI)
Sphere2 Only MSI – Windows Server Deployment (MSI)
ClassSend for Students – Windows (requires Chrome browser for operation)
Release Note
What’s New

Flash Plug-in Quickstart Guide – Windows:
The quickstart guide will walk you through the process of using the AVerVision
Flash Plug-in with your preferred software.
SMART Notebook 
eBeam Scrapbook
Promethean ActivInspire
Hitachi StarBoard

Downloads for Mac
A+ Suite v2.3.2035.36 – Mac
MAC Office Add-ins Uninstaller – Mac
ClassSend for Students 
Release Note 
What’s New

The quickstart guide will walk you through the process of using the AVerVision
SMART Notebook 
eBeam Scrapbook
Promethean ActivInspire
Hitachi StarBoard

Downloads for iPad

iOS 6.0.1+ ( iPad2, iPad Mini, New iPad)

Downloads for Android Tablet

Android 4.1+ (Android Tablet)

The essence of your tablet or laptop is mobility, but using it to present live content reduces your ability to stay mobile. TabCam streams live video wirelessly to your iPad, Android, Windows 8 tablet, or PC/MAC so you can keep your mobile devices mobile. The camera can be placed anywhere in the room leaving you free to present and manipulate the content from everywhere else. Engage your students by bringing TabCam to them, showcase their work, give feedback and work with others without being tied to the camera or a single position. tabcam-support-all

The Camera

The App

Completely wireless Digital Whiteboard
Pushes live video to App Annotate, Highlight, Add text to live video & whiteboard
Battery lasts 8 hours Screen Cast
Streams live video in the same network as App Record full experience + instant upload to the cloud

Apple iOS




TabCam compatibility

Apple iPad2 9.7” Yes
iPad (3rd gen) 9.7” Yes
iPad Mini 7.9” Yes
iPad (4th gen) 9.7” Yes





TabCam compatibility

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab2 10.1 10.1”(1280*800) Yes
Galaxy Tab3 10.1 10.1”(1280*800) Yes
Galaxy Note 10.1 10.1”(1280*800) Yes
 Sony Xperia Tablet Z 10.1”(1920*1200) Yes
Acer ICONIA  B 7”(1024*600) No
 ASUS TF300T 10.1”(1280*800) Yes
Nexus 7 7”(1280*800) Yes

Windows Tablet

Minimum requirements for Windows 8 tablet:

  • Windows 8 (32bit)
  • 1.8Ghz Intel Atom or above
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB Flash Memory
  • 7 inches or more screen size (minimum 1024×768 display resolution)
Upon using the TabCam for the first time, it is recommended that users charge the battery for at least 4 hours prior to using it.
Approximately 8 hours. The TabCam is equipped with a 6-cell battery park (a little like what you have in your laptop). Whenever the camera is not being used, please plug in the power adapter to charge the camera in order to maintain full efficiency and longevity.



Battery LED

Battery Capacity

Green Between 30% – 100%
Orange Between 10% – 30%
Red Between 3% – 10%
Flashing Red Less than 3%


Yes! Through the free AVer software, you can present, annotate, record, and stream lesson plans through sites such as YouTube™, Dropbox™, etc.

* Flip teaching (flipped classroom) or where students learn new contents online by watching video lectures at home and apply what they learn in the classroom?

The TabCam does not have an on board microphone but will use the tablets microphone to record audio.
Yes, you can connect the TabCam to your PC or Mac wirelessly using the AVer A+ Suite software. This software is free and downloadable at
The TabCam is a completely wireless streaming camera that captures and broadcasts live content to your iPad, Android Tablet, or PC/MAC. You can annotate, record, and share lesson plans directly to DropBox™, YouTube™, Facebook™, and more.How compact is the TabCam?
The TabCam has a maximum shooting area of 13” x 9.76” (330mm x 248mm)


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