AVer announces a world first wireless dual band visualiser F70W

AVer announces a world first wireless dual band visualiser F70W  and C30u, turning tablet devices into interactive teaching tools in the classroom

Wireless Visualiser and free apps allow teaching staff to record and share live images and video

  • Design interactive lessons to improve understanding and enhance learning via iPads and Android tablets
  • Add annotations, narration and photos in real time to excite students and maintain their interest
  • Record and share lessons instantly on a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and on social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook
  • Connects to any 802.11 b/g/n WiFi 2.4GHz / 5GHz dual band access point for local or remote access
  • Free ClassSend App available from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • C30u cart offers simultaneous charge and sync for up to 30 iPads

AVer, a leading provider of Visualisers and HD Video Conferencing products for education, today announces the launch of two products – F70W and C30u, designed to allow teaching staff to maximise the potential of tablet devices in a classroom by supplementing lessons with interactive, dynamic and engaging content via the tablet’s display.

F70W  is the first solution designed to combine a lightweight and portable wireless camera with a free app, allowing teaching staff to stream live video from textbooks, presentations, experiments and more directly to a tablet used in a classroom, elsewhere in a school, or anywhere in the world. Being a wireless device, the F70W, used with a tablet, gives teaching staff full mobility in the classroom. This allows for real time interaction with students and collaborative groups, adding to understanding, learning and ultimately, attainment. F70W also improves the clarity of teaching and keeps students engaged. Lessons can be recorded for later use, uploaded to the school’s VLE, or shared via social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

F70W is a completely wireless solution that communicates to its App via a standard 802.11 2.4GHz / 5GHz  b/g/n WiFi access point. As long as F70W and the ClassSend App are on the same network, the camera will push live video to the App from anywhere within the network no matter the distance. The ClassSend App, available free from Apple App Store and Google Play Store, displays and records live broadcasts wirelessly, enabling educators to write notes and highlight key elements on a tablet screen during live video. It also includes an editable digital whiteboard from which users can flip back-and-forth to live video while recording the entire screen, and also allows instant sharing of the video via YouTube, Dropbox, Facebook and more.

AVer C30u

C30u cart is a sturdy charging and syncing cart for the iPad and other tablets. LED status indicators mean users can gauge charging status at a glance and dividers are specifically designed to fit almost any tablet case. Syncing is effortless with 30 devices able to be charged and synced simultaneously, and three additional mains outlets allow the unit to act as a hub for other devices such as projectors and laptops.

“With the use of tablet devices set to skyrocket over the next few years, it made sense to develop a system that allows teachers to utilise this technology in an interactive and exciting way,” said Bentley Lo, UK Country Manager of AVer. “The F70W bridges a gap by making it easy to stream and present lessons, keep pupils enthused and informed and offer teachers far more flexibility over how content is presented.”

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